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How to Play Colors of War

In the demo, you command the BLUE army. Your objective is to color the entire iceberg blue.

Click on icons at the top of the screen (there are ten to choose from). If you mouse over them, they will give a little help text. They each have a different effect when placed, and cost a different amount of money.

When you've selected an icon (unit) to place, and have it positioned where it can be placed, it will animate, unless you don't have enough money to buy it.

Most units should be placed ON YOUR OWN COLOR to help expand your territory. Some, like the bomb, should be placed over the enemy.

Other units, like the missile launcher (cylinder) must be placed on your color, but close to the enemy so that the enemy units are within firing range.

There is a blue bar or line across the screen under the 10 icons. It indicates how much money you have. You gain money according to how much territory you have, and how many flags (bases) are present. It is of paramount importance to take over territory by coloring it.

The winner is the army with the most territory after the 7 minute timer runs out. The full version is not limited to 7 minutes, and has many more levels.

We at Brundelock Treasures, Inc. hope you enjoy the Colors of War demo. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us at

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